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UNLOCK: Yonah by rahmennoodlez UNLOCK: Yonah by rahmennoodlez
Joining with an awesome friend, applePAI! And perhaps another friend, brawwr, if she can make it! :]
Coloring process for her can be found here.

❥Corea, Yonah / 古里愛 世奈H

Nickname: None

Nationality: Half Japanese, half Sri-Lankan (but born in Japan)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: Feb. 17

• 5'2" or 157.5 cm
• 117 lbs or 53 kg

Year: 1st year
Roommate/Housemate: Louise Teo
Club: Kendo

As the youngest child of the family, one could say she's the life of the party due to her abundant energy. Always excited to do anything that piques her interest, she's open-minded to new activities and ideas and usually eager to do them all. Yonah is fairly extroverted and goes out of her own way to meet new people, regardless if they're big, small, young, or old - she'll befriend them all! Beyond her smiles and cheer, she can be calculating and thoughtful as her awareness for what happens around her is secretly top notch.
However, this awareness sometimes causes her to jump to conclusions. She doesn't do so often, but when she does for unexplained reasons, the results end up bumpy. Yonah's unbelievably stubborn, which can also make her seem like a persevering soul, but she just simply wants to get what she wants. Additionally, she's somewhat manipulative in that she uses her cute looks to get what she wants. (Pros to being the baby of the family.) She's also aware that she can be very selfish and clingy, as she was before towards her brother.
Aside from her flaws, she's very caring for those she loves, especially for her brother. But after their recent conflict, she's been determined to become as independent as she could be. Truly, deep down, she's still very dependent on him and always looks to him first, but currently, wishes to not be a burden to him nor get him in trouble again.

Yonah was the second born to a Japanese mother and Sri-Lankan father in a rural town of Japan. Her older brother, Juon, welcomed her happily to the family and both grew up in said town for the majority of their lives. As the youngest, she was very active and loved the attention she received from her family. Yonah would do ridiculous tricks and activities that quickly led to her family's worry. It wasn't long after until her older brother realized that her every action would reflect on him and that it was his responsibility to care and help her as a brother. But she totally didn't mind his constant hovering over her. She actually preferred it as she loved to hang out with brother - more than anything in the world! Yonah would drag him here and there and everywhere to play, thinking there was nothing more fun, but she failed to realize that to her brother, these "fun activities with the sister" were beginning to feel like a chore to him. He was definitely not having fun because it wasn't his fun; it was hers.
Everything that he did, she would do too. Everywhere that he went, she would follow. All of these were always bright and happy times to her until the day that her brother became more vocal about wanting to be separate from the family, or more specifically, from Yonah. Dragging him around to do things with her was no longer easy as he would immediately shoot the offers down. When she wanted to accompany him with his friends, they'd usually get away before she could catch up. Eventually, after a long, loooong while, she stopped trying to push herself into his activities as it dawned on her. Her brother didn't want to be with her anymore. He didn't want the attachment nor the responsibility for her own actions. She was in the wrong.
One day, he asked if he could transfer to a different high school away from their home town. The news devastated Yonah as she didn't want him to be even farther away than he was now, but knowing that he wanted to go out on his own and to not get scolded for the accidental mistakes she caused, she didn't say a word about it. She was going to let him go and not latch on like she always used to. The plan took the worst turn as their mother suggested to let Yonah join him in the new school too. After all, Yonah was to transfer to a high school anyway, so she might as well go there with him. Juon's reaction was inevitablely bitter, and, suspecting that Yonah pushed to follow him, the siblings began to argue. Their father was quick to silence them and immediately began to reprimand Juon's response as it was wrong. As he was scolded, Yonah cried, realizing that she really was a burden for her brother. He gets in trouble because of her, and she didn't want to be a problem for him. She wanted to protect him from being scolded and punished. It was here that her egg was born (but she didn't notice it initially).
And so, the siblings moved to Seiyo Academy with a very constricted relationship. Before they parted, she assured him that he wouldn't have to worry about her.

"I--I don't need your help at all. I can do it all by myself! So.. so you won't be hearing from me anymore. I promise."

• Watermelons
• Kpop/Jpop music
• Harajuku clothes
• Bright Colors on anything
• Fun anything - games, activities, past-times, etc.
• Making friends
• Her brother
• Her brother being a butt
• Studying
• Staying inside the house doing nothing
• Cheaters in anything (exams, video games, activities, etc.)
• Feeling like she's a burden

• "Watch. I absolutely can do this."
• "Wahoo!"
• "Did someone call for the Yonah Parade because her she is! Cha cha~!"
• "Oops."

Corea Juon [Older Brother] - Due to their conflict, it's been hard for them to interact. She does her best to avoid him as much as possible.

Voice: Younha

• Yonah does have the tendency to get in trouble. A lot.
• Yonah usually has a pack of bandaids on her as she gets hurt often. Mainly due to rough play and pushing herself to do the best of her abilities. Though sometimes, she just sticks some on as she likes them and their designs.
• If she notices that she's possibly in her brother's field of vision, she will go out of her way to dodge the penetrating lasers from his eyes.
• She is very good at keeping promises, but she only makes promises that can be accomplished in due time and to those she can trust.
• Despite her tomboyish antics, she loves styling her hair and wearing cute clothes.
• On her papers, she writes her name in kanji then normally adds an "H" at the end so people will know how to spell it right. Get it right people.
• She is bent on having the most perfect high school debut for other reasons.
• Ever since going on an old game marathon, she fell deeply in love with the Metal Gear series. Her favorite character was Ocelot, shown by her mimicking his trademark gesture from time to time.

❥Guardian Egg

Name: ???
Gender: Female
Would-Be-Self: ???
Personality: ???
How Egg Formed: ???
Quote: ???
Voice: ???
Extra: ???
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