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June 16, 2013
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Oumazoo: Ottis by rahmennoodlez Oumazoo: Ottis by rahmennoodlez

Name: Ottis
Sex: Male
Age: Appears 19-20
Animal: (Northern) Sea Otter
Height: 5'10"
Faction: Ushimitsudoki Aquarium
Open Hours: Swims, floats, plays (not likely), sleeps (mainly)
Closed Hours: Security Guard - Does patrols throughout the night to make sure things are rollin' smoothly in the deep.

Ottis is friendly and playful in nature, but has no qualms for being alone. He's witty, brutally honest, and quite the complainer (jokingly). If there's anything he'll complain about, it's wasting energy; as much as possible, he wants things done swiftly and sufficiently without any problems. He may appear serious at times, but he never takes life too seriously. He's nothing to be scared of, really.

+ Sleeping
+ Conserving Energy
+ Fish Puns
+ Figuring things out
- Wasting Energy
- Not being able to figure out puzzles, problems
- Having no food to eat
- Dirty water


[Buoyancy] Ottis is very buoyant, allowing him to float on water with no problem. This ability allows him to walk on water in his human form.

[Sensitivity] Ottis has a highly sensitive sense in touch. Simply by touching or being in water, he can sense what is in the water even if it is dark and murky.

Ottis belonged to a large male dominant otter group near Alaska. He grew up relatively well in the group until different causes started killing off neighboring otter groups mysteriously. Several otters died on the account of a massive oil spill; later, others disappeared due to rumored orcas hunting them down for food. As the numbers dwindled, environmentalist found it best to reintroduce the northern sea otters to new areas. Although Ottis was to join his group in Oregon, he was instead sent to Ushimitsudoki Aquarium to be apart of their new feature on sea otters.
He was bitter about the oil spill, however has let go of his grudge, instead applying his knowledge on disasters to help others. He holds no grudge against the orcas either as it's nature; that and they ate the other male dominant group he wasn't too fond of anyway.

Additional Information:
- He can give you an earful of information you do or do not want to hear. (Pick your poison: Complaints or speculations.)
- He likes grooming his fur, and in turn, has a collection of brushes ranging from pretty pink combs dropped by little girls to the rib bones of a fish's corpse.
- Ottis is active during the night, keeping himself busy with books, little puzzles, or brain games if not on duty. Books are hard to come by and he doesn't like 'em wet.
- He picks on the sea urchins for fun then gets their brethren for dinner.
- He's a relatively good swimmer and can dive into deep depths, staying underwater with no problem due to his large lung capacity.
- He's super clumsy out of water, thus spends most of his time near or in water.
- Ottis does have ears, but their skillfully hidden underneath his thick hair on his head. He doesn't like them being touched.


Hopefully I can make it in! I'll be joining with some friends too so I'll be rooting for them too. :]
Whoo! Thanks for letting me join this lovely group. :]

If you'd like to RP with me, I rp through notes, chat, or skype (rahmennoodlez)

Full Body Ref: [link]
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ahehe I wanna see him cracking shellfishes on his stomach.
Ahaha he does that often, specially during the day, but at times throughout the night. Maybe you'll see him if ya visit the aquarium!
Oh cool. Virlo can go there to taunt him from the other side of the plexiglass. * 7 * <3 /shot
Oh man haha. I don't know if Ottis would like that. He'd just go to the edge of the glass and drop the remains of his food on his head haha!
The fight is on my good sir. -shot-
fighty friends. <3
Oh gosh that is such a great interpretation of an otter ////////
Aww gee. Thank you! ////
xEddietan Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sea otter!
squishes he's cheeks

Ottis: [Cheeks Squished] :I
KingOfSadism Jun 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Aquariuuuuuuum! YE-YUUUUUUH!!

Congrats on gettin' in! Hope to RP with ya'!

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