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July 30, 2013
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MS: Justice by rahmennoodlez MS: Justice by rahmennoodlez
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Name: Justice
Age: 15
DoB: July 7
Height: 5'4"
Nationality: Filipino

Justice is a serious and quiet  boy who tends to keep to himself. He's overly cautious and very dependent; he mainly relies on his two elder sisters, obediently listening to them and diligently fulfilling the tasks he's given by them. In turn, he shows a great respect towards anyone older than him, especially ladies as he grew up with two older sisters. He isn't a risk taker and if there's any hint of danger, he's not willing to go about it unless one of his sister's do the activity with him (similar to his older sister, Renee). Justice is easily overwhelmed and seems to have a one track mind, not being able to multitask very well. He likes to keep things simple.
Despite this, he does his best to fare by himself without his sisters as he wishes to not worry them. Justice mainly puts up a smiling facade to hide his constant worry and lack of confidence in himself when he's alone. He is, however, a genuinely happy boy who is very content with his normal, simple life.

Justice, a full Filipino raised in the US, is the youngest and only brother out of three with two older sisters. As he was the youngest and only son of the family, he was the clear favorite out of the whole family on both his mother and father's side. Even so, he never took notice to it, rather following around his sisters like a duckling and really clinging onto them when it came to anything. The age gap between him and Renee, his older sister, wasn't as large compared to the age gap between him and his the eldest sister which was nearly ten years. He and Renee were disheartened at the idea of their sister moving away for college and even more-so when she decided to study in the Philippines a few years later to purse medicine. Besides simple things of the like, he lived a relatively peaceful life. His parents later retired and decided to travel the world. Renee graduated high school and decided to pursue cinematography, photography, and film making. With only the future ahead, Justice really didn't know what to do with himself except study hard to please his family.
Truly, nothing exciting ever really happened to him. The only exciting moments in his life were when his sisters would get him caught up in their funky activities that he'd hesitantly take part of only because his sisters would do it with him. He had a few friends, but most either moved and lost contact with or the relationship wasn't nurtured enough. Renee would talk about  this with their older sister often and they'd try their best to get Justice more connected with the world, but his lack of connection wasn't bothersome to him - he only needed his sisters to be around.
Now that he was in high school, he gained some sort of independence, but was still heavily relying on his siblings. He took part in some clubs but doesn't stick around for long. His presence is next to none in school besides the class roster. Although they live in a small and easily accessible town, no one really paid mind to Justice besides the little old ladies that gossiped about everyone. Most people thought of him as a loner and treated him as so, and in turn, he acts accordingly to their expectations to stay away from troubles.
He currently lives in a small house with his sister, Renee, who commutes to a college a few miles away from their small town. He bikes to school early in the morning and sometimes returns home to an empty house, later greeted brightly with a late dinner from his sister. A very simple life he had, but he liked it that way.

Magical Name: Super Soldier Flaming Orange!!
Color: Orange :orange:
Quote: "FIRE FURY POWER!" --- //facepalm
Heart Gem:
Justice's heart lies within a locket given to him by his eldest sister before she left for the Philippines. Inside the locket are two pictures - one of his eldest sister and on the other side of the locket, Renee. He really respects and loves his sisters and always thinks about them first. Learning that the locket was where Justice's heart resides, Dragorok fused his orange heart gem to the locket.

Angelus: [ Dragorok ] - [ Salamander → Winged Salamander → Dragon ] - [ ♂ ]
Biography: Dragorok was one of the elder Angeluses that worked along side the Mistress of Angellion. He remembered when his time began and has kept a consistent record of all Angeluses that resided on his planet as it was his job. His days were spent with leisure with few missions in between as he was one of the first few to actually send messages across the stars. At home, he'd mainly spend time with the Mistress and other Angeluses, sharing bad jokes and stories of his adventures. However, those days were long gone at the warning of an astral attack from the dark forces that threatened their planet. As the Mistress forced each Angelus away into their escape pods, he wished to stay and aid her; there was no hope left for their planet, and he knew that the only hope was for him to escape and guide the surviving Angeluses to a new home. He escaped the planet bitter and sorrowful. As the years of travelling went by, he grew tired and weak, reverting to his recovery state for most of the way, and he's learned to cope with his lost feelings, putting all his faith in the future.

Encounter: Justice's eldest sister returned from her studies in the Philippines to spend time with Justice and Renee. They spent the whole week together, and on the last day, the decided to go stargazing at a plain near their home. It was all relatively calming until a bright light hurtled their way, easily noticeable due to the loud rumbling it caused as it crashed into the earth. The eldest sister was bent on checking it out, forcing her younger siblings to follow. There, they met Dragorok. Both Renee and Justice were in disbelief whereas the oldest sister accepted the fact that a lizard was talking to them without question. Taking him home, they listened to his story; when he mentioned the need of a partner, Justice's older sister quickly put her only brother on the spot. Justice was a bit reluctant, but with the few words of his sister's encouragement, he accepted and exchanged hearts with Dragorok.

Present: It's only been a few months since Dragorok came crashing into their lives, but Renee and Justice have finally warmed up to the fact that a talking lizard was in their household. They'd listen to his many stories, still a bit skeptical about everything, yet it was all so interesting and foreign to them. Their eldest sister returned to the Philippines however keeps in contact with them through Skype nearly every day.
Dragorok has come to realize that Justice is very solitary and dependent, but has managed to become a close friend and mentor to Justice.

• [Dragon Fang bolo - Dual Weapon]
→ A bolo is a traditional Filipino weapon, similar to that of a machete. As Dragorok is an elder Angellion, he's fond of history and traditions; he quickly studied up on the traditions of Filipinos and found that relating to Justice's blood would be the best weapon to form. Using two of his own fangs, he forged this weapon. At the other end of the weapon is a dragon head with a reddish orange streamer that comes out of its mouth like a tongue; when stellar energy builds in Justice while he's in magical form, these streamers will spark and turn into a stream of fire (the fire is not strong enough to act as a buff yet).

• [Magical Moves]
♠ [Trailblazing - Close Range Attack]
→ With the two bolos in hand, Justice swiftly approaches the enemy, slicing and dicing furiously. Sometimes the fire sparks from the streamers can burn the enemy if touched. Very useful when in combat with multiple enemies.
♠ [X-tinguish - Mid Range Magic Attack]
→ Crossing his bolos in a X position, the blades will glow red. Once they begin to burn, he can lash out an X shaped fire attack. It takes time to power up, but the damage can be heavy depending on impact.
Extra Info:

→ His mahou form is inspired by traditional Filipino men's wear- a barong tagalog (the light see through fabric) - as Dragorok likes keeping with traditions. His arm sleeved gloves are fashioned with orange dragon scale plates. Overall, his mahou form follows the motif of fire/flames/heat as the gem color of orange is achieved by heating up red gems, Dragorok is a type of dragon that breathes fire, and to contrast with Justice's lack of passion and eagerness for things.
→ Outside of his mahou form, if his stellar power builds, he will sometimes have sparks of fire or puffs of smoke coming out of his mouth. This gets him in trouble every so often with others as they believe he's smoking.
→ He calls his older sisters "Ate" (Ah-teh) which is Filipino for "older sister."
→ In his free time, he likes to do puzzles and brain games.
→ He's fairly studious, but doesn't believe himself to be smart. He tries his best to be on top of his homework.

♥ Renee & Elder Sister → Sisters; Loves and respects them a whole lot
♥ Dragorok → Close friend and mentor figure; respects him a lot but finds him to be super quirky too

[Normal Day]
[The Fight is On!] 
[Crunch Time]
[No Mercy!]
[Game Over]
[Rising from Flames] 
[Goofing Around]
[Looking for Hope]
[Waltz with the Mistress] 
[Let's fly!]
[Relaxing Day]
[Final Dance in the Skies]
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